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A sadhu, having taken a vow of silence, meditates at the foot of Mount Kailash in the Himalayan highlands. Thousands of miles west, by the flicker of kerosene lamplight, a Swiss psychoanalyst pores over Vedic scriptures carried home from an expedition to India.

A coquettish grin in the face of the occult, Viridescent is an homage to Weimar Berlin’s romance with oriental religion and philosophy. A dewy, grassy effervescence forms this scent’s superstructure, evoking the blossoming fields of design, literature, music, and criticism in 1920s Berlin. Sandalwood, a precious arboreal extract employed in ritual from Nepal to Sri Lanka, India to Australia, forms Viridescent’s substructure.

Notes— green leaf, sweet hay, cedarwood, sandalwood, oud, floral musk

Essence— curious, transcendental, mysterious, receptive, coquettish