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Orpheus. Bacchus. Cybele. Sabazius. Attis. Isis. A matrix of secret religious cults pulsed through the Mediterranean basin of antiquity, each with its own deity and closely-guarded initiation rite. Like a Thesean thread in a labyrinth of unknowing, the so-called Mystery Schools employed fragrance to accompany initiates from this world to the underworld and back. Inspired by the ecstatic faiths of the Greco-Roman world, Sacred Mysteries stirs the preconscious, urging surrender to an ancient and unfathomable void.

Notes: Champak, Citrus, Spice, Black currant, Vanilla, Patchouli, Teakwood, Amber

Essence: Warmth, Cult, Orphic, Ecstatic, Greco-roman, Shadow, Light

Format: 6 oz. candle, Black concrete vessel, Black wax