$ 85.00

A tenacious flower clings to windswept dunes and furrowed cliffs. Amid coastal conifer greens and granite greys, the Japanese rose bursts forth in virginal white
and pink. Weathering frost and gale, snow and hail, its delicate hue belies an essential ruggedness. Rose Calcine finds you downwind of a flowering beach rose, its delicate fragrance mingling with the smoke of a crackling beachfire. Like its floral forebear, Rose Calcine inscribes itself on the topography of your mind, laying
down roots to weather what comes.

Notes: Sheer smoke, Rose, Honey, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Clove

Essence: Charred petal, Dunes, Wind, Burnt wood, Granite, Sea-salt

Format: 6 oz. candle, Black concrete, vessel, Black wax